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Networking Your Way To A Better Business & A Better You

Free Online Webinar
August 31st 7pm E.S.T.

  • Struggling with communicating professionally online?

  • Need help in finding your ideal customer?

  • Want to build solid business relationships to grow your business?

This is for you. Join Us!


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Shanté R. Roddy, CEO Intuitive Risk Management International

Host and Panelist

Shanté R. Roddy is the “Small Business Advocate” and the “Connecter”. She strives to inspire, empower and equip entrepreneurs with innovative strategies and tools on the journey to build a successful and sustainable business and provide a legacy for their families.  She helps you work smarter, protect your assets and interests, hold you accountable, while saving you time and money. This is achieved through accountability coaching, strategy consultations, trainings and workshops, motivational speaking and events tailored to the small business community.

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Quote “Networking is intentionally building connections and sharing of gifts. One connection can transform your life and your business. It’s that simple!”

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Tonya Franklin, CEO/Owner MJS Virtual Collaboration Services & MJS Communications


Tonya Franklin is an author of "Good Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs." She offers virtual services in back office administration, marketing, event management, and content writing for small businesses, individuals, and career professionals to help them move to their next success level

Quote “Business success is 80℅ relationship. It's vital to know how, where, and when to connect with others that will help to produce growth and generate wealth.”

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Itika Watkins, CEO/Owner Professional BookKeepers LLC


Itika Watkins is #theBookkeepingStrategist and a QuickBooks Systems Expert and Advisor. She works directly with $5-, 6-, and 7- Figure Earners and helps them to achieve valuable financial results by designing and implementing an accounting system that supports their present day operations with scalability.
The keys to her success are POWERFUL and are the lifeline to those drowning and in need of the help, but:
1. You can't be afraid of cloud technology;
2. You've got to understand the benefits and value of cloud accounting; and
3. You've got to let her get up close, and personal with your finances

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Quote "In building a sustainable business, I have found that we cannot build wealth alone; networking is so vital to the wealth building process. In it all, I have come to find that my relationships and network, is priceless."

Join The Power of Networking Movement! We're going to take you to the next level of networking power with this webinar. You will be positioned to build strong connections, develop strategic collaborations and partnerships, gain high quality leads, attract your ideal clients and expand your network of resources.  It's time for you to Network Your Way To A Better Business & A Better You.

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