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Referrals Are Great Compliments

About two years ago I met a lady named Sherece at networking event. We developed a relationship and she introduced me to her mother Shirley, owner of the black owned Sunoco on Buckeye in Cleveland, Ohio. I introduced them to our LegalShield services for business and family. She gave me space to share information with her customers and kept my information on hand.

Fast forward to yesterday. I received two urgent messages from a lady named Nadine. As soon as I heard the message I called her back. She said Shirley (her friend of 40 years) told her to call me. Turns out Nadine lost her mother last month, and like me she is managing everything, is overwhelmed and don't know what to do legally to handle process transferring the home from mother's name to her children. She was in tears.

I scheduled time to go see her. I typically don't go to people's homes, but I went to her home. I met with her. I empathized with her, as I understand what it's like to lose a parent, in grief and still responsible for managing the financial aspects.

I walked her through how the LegalShield plan works and will help her through the process step by step and signed her up. I assured her I would be there for her as her agent. Her sister was there and I had an opportunity to share the benefit of having their wills and health care power of attorney executed free with their membership.

Nadine and her sister were very happy, and less stressed at the end of our session. They were appreciative that I was there in their time of need. They asked for plenty of business cards to share. As I was heading out, I gave them each a big hug and a word of encouragement.

I was overjoyed that someone I met two years ago trusted me to help their life long friend during a very challenging time in her life who I could relate to, share my experience of getting through a loss and provide her a service to help her worry less and live more. Referrals are the best form of advertising!

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