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Business Strategy, Training & Development

Intuitive Risk Management International is dedicated to helping clients across the globe manage projects, programs and other business interests more efficiently and effectively with minimized risk. We have applied solution-based approaches to help countless businesses achieve their goals in today’s complex business environment.


While we have worked within many industries, we see a rising need for professional guidance in the healthcare, information technology and government sectors and are fully prepared to take on the challenge of emerging issues.

We serve as thought leaders, consultants, advisers and trainers to provide strategies that are aimed at helping companies achieve greater impact, deliver greater customer experience and achieve greater results.

Employee Benefits Program

Intuitive Risk Management International is proud to offer cutting-edge benefits that save employers and employees time and money.


Think a moment.....what does your employees legal problems mean for your bottom line? Employees do not perform well when troubled, distracted or under stress. Personal problems can seriously impact productivity and profitability.

Employees are your greatest asset. Help improve company morale, promote employee wellness, attract top talent, reduce cost and increase employee satisfaction. Partnering with us will benefit you and your employees.

Business Formation Service

Intuitive Risk Management International has experienced professionals to help people who desire to start a business on a solid foundation by providing Done For You business formation services.  We make the process easy and convenient while freeing up clients time to focus on their area of genius.

One of the first and most important decisions that a business must make is how to the business organization should be structured . Then, take the necessary steps to properly register in its state of operation.and meet business operations requirements. Your business will be secure and you'll be in position to gain investor support and take advantage of all the benefits of being a small business owner!

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Small Business Legal Services

Intuitive Risk Management International specializes in protecting the interest of small business owners. We understand the daily challenges business owners face, and we are dedicated to helping you overcome those challenges; empowering you with tools you need to make wise business decisions and navigate the legal aspects of your business. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, home-based businesses, online business, or brick and mortar, you benefit big. Our small business legal service plans provide you with legal support you need to take you from start-up to scale-up. You will work smarter, reduce risk and make more money!

Small Business Funding
Small Business Funding

Intuitive Risk Management International offers small business clients quick and easy access to capital to help with the management and mitigation of financial risks impacting many business owners.

A business' ability to manage its debt and financial leverage is critical to sustaining a successful business long term. We understand that having access to cash and the ability to  get funding has been a challenge for so many. We get you the funds you need when you need it!

Biz Owner Family Legal Services

Intuitive Risk Management International believes everyone deserves access to affordable legal protection. Our legal plans protect you and your family; the trivial to the traumatic.

Whether you need legal consultation, a letter written on your behalf, a document or contract reviewed, help with an audit, or need representation, we've got you covered.  We want you to be empowered to exercise your rights and make everyday decisions that give you and your family peace of mind.

Tax Advisory and
Preparation Services 

Intuitive Risk Management International supports clients in developing and enhancing their tax strategy and policies. We also perform tax process reviews, help implement new tax processes and provide tax advisory, preparation and e-filing services so that clients maintain compliance, reduce liabilities and maximize deductions.

A good tax risk management system considers all of that and is a valuable tool to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, avoidance of tax assessments and also full use of tax opportunities. Our niche includes small business, home-based businesses and entrepreneurs.

Notary public metal stamper on testament

Intuitive Risk Management International provides mobile notary consulting services to individuals and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. 

We witness and authenticate the signing of important transactions: mortgage documents, powers of attorney, contracts, adoption papers, advance medical directives and other dealings central to our lives and the economy.

Our public service helps protect our clients from fraud and identity theft.

Notary Consulting Services
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