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Risk Management


Intuitive Risk Management International consultants specialize in supporting clients with defining strategies, formulating business objectives and managing performance. This positions companies to better management the growing complexity of doing business and mitigate risks, to reduce liability and prepare for new opportunities. 


Our areas of expertise includes enterprise risk managment, compliance and regulatory risk management, project managment risks, governance, privacy and data protection, fraud prevention and identity theft resolution. 


We will use our knowledge and technical expertise to guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls of doing it alone.  We look at what could go wrong before it does. We ask probing questions, analyzing your risks and help you decide what course of action to take. 



Management Consulting


Intuitive Risk Management International is committed to helping companies improve their performance. Whether you need consultation on strategy, change management, operations, process improvement or any other business challenge, we are here to advise.  


We will give you information you may not want to hear, but will position your company as a differentiator and get you on the path for continued growth.   



Project & Program Management


Intuitive Risk Management International offers project management consulting as well as project management contract work.  Whether your company needs an adviser or a project manager to work as part of your team, we have the expertise to get the job done.  


We help companies implement new projects, manage existing projects, improve under-performing projects and close out ending projects.


We are you project manager! 



Intuitive Risk Management International consultants have several years of business management experience and offers companies one-on-one and team coaching for executives and employees that gives the support and encouragement to manage your business at its highest potential.  We guide you in taking necessary steps, accept accountability and be more effective in managing your business.


For individuals just starting their careers or in career transition,taking on a new position or want to rebrand yourself, we offer career coaching.  We are your personal advisers who will work with you to discover your path, motivate you to progress in your actions and help build your confidence.  


​Compliance & Quality Management


Intuitive Risk Management International has the expertise your company needs to achieve your compliance and quality managment goals.  


Our consultants have led organizations in developing, implementing and restructing management systems incorporating compliance and quality programs to meet the more complex and rigid requirements that impact businesses due to changing regulations and laws which demand higher standards of performance.


We are your compliance and quality experts.  We help you define strategies, implement best practices, establish metrics as well as processes and systems to monitor, track, report, and improve performance. 

Voluntary Employee Benefits


Intuitive Risk Management International is proud to offer cutting-edge benefits that save employers and employees time and money.


Think a moment.....what does your employees legal problems mean for your bottom line? Employees do not perform well when troubled, distracted or under stress. Personal problems can seriously impact productivity and profitability.


Employees are your greatest asset. Help improve company morale, promote employee wellness, attract top talent, reduce cost and increase employee satisfaction. Partnering with us will benefit you and your employees.

​Identity Theft Solutions


Intuitive Risk Management International protects individuals and families from identity theft crimes; the #1 consumer complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission for 15 consecutive years.


Our experts protect everything with your name on it. In the event you become a victim of identity theft due to a breach or personal intrusion of your personal information, we will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity. Our services are backed by a $5 million guarantee.

​Legal Services Plans


Intuitive Risk Management International believes everyone deserves access to affordable legal protection. Our legal plans protect you and your family; the trivial to the traumatic.


Whether you need legal consultation, a letter written on your behalf, a document or contract reviewed, help with an audit, or need representation,we've got you covered.  We want you to be empowered to exercise your rights and make everyday decisions that give you and your family peace of mind.  

***As an independent associate, we refer clients to LegalShield for legal services.


***Contact us to learn more about our specialty plans, which includes policer officer plans, teacher plans and foster care provider plans.

​Commercial Drivers Plans


Intuitive Risk Management International understands life on the open road can bring twist, turns, and a few unexpected detours along the way.


With our Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan (CDLP), you can protect your legal rights anywhere in the U.S. when you are driving your commercial vehicle. Whether you’re down the street or miles from home, you aren’t alone. Your membership is as convenient as picking up the phone and dialing the toll-free number on the back of your membership card.


Your rights are protected on and off the road with:

  • Tragic Accident Criminal Representation

  • Moving Violations

  • DOT and Non-moving Violations and More


***As an independent associate, we refer clients to LegalShield for legal services.

****Plan benefits and pricing varies by state. Please contact us if you need to confirm benefit options.

Small Business Solutions


 Intuitive Risk Management International specializes in protecting the interest of small business owners.  We understand the daily challenges business owners face, and we are dedicated to  helping you overcome those challenges.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, home-based businesses, online business, or brick and mortar, you benefit big. Our small business solutions give you the legal assistance you need, so you work smarter and  you worry less and live more!


***As an independent associate, we refer clients to LegalShield for legal services.

Education, Outreach & Training


Intuitive Risk Management International believes that knowledge is power.  We are committed to education and providing information on many levels to equip and empower our clients and customers to achieve their goals. 

We work with companies and organizations to develop, implement and improve internal education and training programs.  We specialize in helping companies align their training programs to their corporate requirements and overall business strategies and planning initiatives.


We also partner with community organizations to provide education and  outreach as well as workshops which primary focuses educating community members on topics including legal rights, identity theft awareness and prevention, estate planning and will workshops.

Enterprise Organizations


Themes/Industries of focus - Government (local, state federal), Healthcare and Information Technology (images should support this)

  • Take your company to the next level

  • Strategy. Quality. Excellence. Service.​

Service areas include:

  • Management Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Operational Excellence

  • Compliance and Quality Management

  • Executive Coaching

  • Training and Development


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Employee Benefits

As it turns out, having a legal plan is not only a tremendous benefit for emplyoees, it's also one for employers, too. Studies suggest legal plans provide peace of mind *,which can reduce absenteeism and increase focus and productivity.

  • Promote peace of mind

  • Reduce Stress

With Intuitive Risk Management, your employees enjoy peace of mind knowing that in the event of an issue, their identity will be restored to pre-theft status.  We offer simple administration for all our products:

  • No underwriting required, and no claim forms for members

  • Flexible payment options: payroll, self pay, or employer-paid

  • Flexible enrollment options: paper, electronic, web

  • Flexible billing options: paper invoice, electronic, self-bill

  • Individual and family options

New IRS rules make identity theft protection non-taxable for your employees, when you offer it as an employer-paid benefit.

Entrepreneurs/Small Biz