You're the CEO! Now, What?

The CEO Launch, Reboot & Build Bootcamp

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This BOOTCAMP is for PURPOSE-DRIVEN  entrepreneurs and business owners who have a vision, a gift and are ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN by any means necessary to GET RESULTS. Get ready to ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS!!



$997.99 (value $9,997)


Take action and fast track your success at the Startup Business Boot Camp, a concentrated, intensive hands-on event where you start with an idea on day one and in days and weeks

(depending on your level of commitment)

 you can literally be in business ready to generate your first lead or customer.

Invest in the one thing you have control over...YOURSELF!


Week 1 Success Launch: Plan Your Success

Week 2 Success Launch: Build & Anchor The Foundation

Week 3 Success Launch: Road Map It & Profit

Week 4 Success Launch: Implement & Execute

Week 5 Success Launch: Build Your Success Team

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You've just started a business. You're the CEO!

Now, you are asking yourself, "What's Next?" What steps do I take? 

I need to learn how to establish a solid foundation, structure my business, gain visibility, get financing, get customers, grow my business, comply with the law, protect my rights, build a legacy, avoid pitfalls and be successful?

Whoo! There's a lot to know! I have a lot of questions

and need actionable steps to move from

idea to plan to execution. 

Ah! I know! I need The Reboot Bootcamp.

Welcome to the


What normally would take months or even years and lots of money can be done with our powerful process in 5 WEEKS for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t guess your way to success. And don’t get caught in the trap of “perpetual preparation”, it has never been easier, cheaper and more necessary to start a business than RIGHT NOW.

This BOOTCAMP is for you if:

You're ready to accelerate your transition from employee to full-time entrepreneur

You're ready to turn your side hustle into a sustainable business

You're ready to turn your volunteer passion project into a business

You're ready to go reset and reboot your business 

You're ready to come from behind the shadows and take center stage in your business

You're ready to diversify your business

You're ready to evolve and restructure your business for influence, impact and income

You Will Learn and Accomplish:

Clearly defined Why, short term and long term business and money goals 

Determine the viability of your ideas to focus on what makes the most sense

Write a simple, focused, concise one-page business plan to accelerate your venture's development

Map out your new product and service launches 

Complete Legal Formation and Registration: Including: File your incorporation including IRS forms (add-on option, if not done already, no obligation)

Generate new customers and new revenue in days or weeks, not months or years!


One-on-One access to Ask questions of Small Business Expert and get free referrals to attorneys, accountant, business insurance agent and other experts at no additional charge. 

Access and implement processes and business systems Learn about business insurance, copyright, patents and trademarks, hiring employees and other business essentials. 


Establish an Internet presence Advertise and promote your concept for little to no money...Saving your hard earned cash.


Diversify your business into multiple income streams


Turn Your Relationships into Currency

And much more…all in this action packed 5 weeks!


Shante is a consummate professional who has easily transitioned her expertise and corporate education to the world of small business entrepreneurship. As an emerging business owner, it was imperative for me to align my operational systems. I hired Shante as a business strategist to review my pitfalls and suggest ways to maximize my profits, while also effectively serving my target client market. I'm using her plan to grow my business. Shante is amazing at what she does. I look forward to working with her company more in the future.

Sherita Carthon


I recommend Intuitive Risk Management for the detail responses. at my class session with Shante' R. Roddy. It reaffirmed my area of strength as a Business and Personal Development Mentor and prioritized my other very important things to do list.

Mary Hernandez, Client & Student

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